That's my LineEdit

Title That's my Line
Airing Date July 11,2011
Episode 1
Total Episode 8
Main Cast
  • Seiji Hernandez as Miguel "Migs" dela Fuente
  • Lea Chanders as Lea Santiago
  • Erick Isidro as Jake Lazaro
  • Sheena Park as Lisa Monte Claro
  • Isabella Hernandez as Jessica "Jessa" Santiago
Supporting Cast
  • Victo Jimenez as Eduardo "Eddie" Santiago
  • Yna Yamase as Grace Santiago
  • Enrico Perez as Henry dela Fuente
  • Ami Yamamoto as Vivian Kapuno
  • Tristan Trinidad as Francis Perez
  • Margaret Fuentes as Mam Sally

The Nerd I LoveEdit

Title The Nerd I Love
Airing Date July 13,2011
Episode 2
Total Episode 8
Main Cast
  • Miguel Orleans as Brian San Miguel
  • Risa King as Melody Santos
  • Nicole Anderson as Nicole Sanchez
  • Sheena Park as Denise Madrigal
  • Isaac Perez as Ivo Montreal
Supporting Cast
  • Nola Dobereiner as Penelope Garcia

I Don't CareEdit

Title I Don't Care
Airing Date July 16,2011
Episode 3
Total Episode 8
Main Cast
  • Lorraine Rivera as Isabelle "Isa" Flores
  • Alex Le as Mark de Leon
  • Sandy Garcia as Leslie Fortes
  • Joshua Anderson as Michael Ferano
Supporting Cast
  • Dahlia Quezon as Trixie

My Bestfriend, My CrushEdit

Title My Bestfriend, My Crush
Airing Date July 24,2011
Episode 8
Main Cast
  • Len Venefsukja as Benz
  • Nathalie Jones as Gina
  • Brian Harris as Brian
  • Nathalie King as Leah
Supporting Cast
  • Marie Oribe as Jessie
Guest Cast
  • Joshua Anderson as Young Benz
  • Anna Fuentes as Young Gina
  • Chase Sanders as Young Brian

Perfect CoupleEdit

Title Perfect Couple
Airing Date July 31,2011
Main Cast
  • Alexander Hendric as Carlo
  • Krystal Hyland as Kate
  • Kim Park as Selene
  • Sam Li as Erick

Unforgettable MomentEdit

Title Unforgettable Moment
Airing Date August 7,2011
Main Cast
  • Raymond Sterling as Sid
  • Isabella King as Valerie
  • Nathalie King as Leslie
  • Enrico Solomon as Clarence
Supporting Cast
  • Penelope San Miguel as Wanda
  • Grace Santiago as Teacher Moran

Listen, HeartEdit

Title Listen, Heart!
Airing Date August 14,2011
Main Cast
  • Andrew Alcaras as Chris
  • Iris Meadow as Kayla
  • Sabina Gomez as Angel
  • Corrine Evans as Eliza

Here Comes the TruthEdit

Title Here Comes the Truth
Airing Date August 21,2011
Main Cast
  • Corrine Evans as Grace
  • Kacey Sterling as Olive
  • Penelope San Miguel as Teresa
  • Roberta Montreal as Valeria
  • Chad Sterling as Migs
  • Alexis Rodriguez as Emily

The ForeignerEdit

Title The Foreigner
Airing Date August 28,2011
Main Cast
  • Dennis Hartmann as Francis Johnson
  • Bea Bellfodda as Denise
  • Diana Quezon as Flor Sanchez
  • Tricia Smith as Victoria Johnson
  • Selena Abad as Corazon
  • Ethan Uena as Gabe Sanchez


Title Suddenly
Airing Date September 4,2011
Main Cast
  • Christian Kim as Rick
  • Catherine Hoffman as Aira
  • Erickson Gomez as Jake
  • Eliza Pineda as Ellie

Birthday PresentEdit

Title Birthday Present
Airing Date September 11,2011

Erick is a rich, cool, cold, and a playboy, while his ex-girlfriend Valerie still loves him and want him back.

One night at a party at Erick's house and everybody is welcome where Erick met Grace a cheerful girl who is the

singer of that party and has fallen in love with him.

Main Cast
  • Cedric Uena as Erick
  • Eunice Hyland as Grace
  • Tina Houston as Valerie
  • Jacquelin Von as Lisa
  • Grace Santiago as Isabelle
  • Keasha Madison as Monica
  • Tricia Smith as Vanessa/Aling Vanessa

Love Me, Love YouEdit

Tittle Love Me, Love You
Airing Date September 18,2011
Main Cast
  • Patricia Foster as Tina
  • Xavier Cruz as Brian
  • Franchesca Mays as Elaine
  • Isaac Gibson as Marvin
Supporting Cast
  • Yuson Javier as Carlo
  • Geneva Gonzales as Krista
  • Sandy Hyland as Winona
  • Alexander Hendric as Erick

Who Knows Who?Edit

Tittle Who Knows Who?
Airing Date September 25,2011
Main Cast
  • Chad Sterling as Francis Villarreal
  • Isabella Hernandez as Liza Coronel
  • Richard Smith as Xavier Villarreal
  • Alice Pineda as Denise San Miguel
Supporting Cast
  • Gabby Gonzalez as Jared San Miguel
  • Marie Oribe as Patricia
  • Sam Isidro as Vic
  • Yuri Yamamoto as Barbie

Christmas PresentEdit

Title Christmas Present
Airing Date October 2,2011

Kris and Winnie are childhood friends and every Christmas they exchange gifts until one day during a Christmas party at school Winnie’s friend Cynthia asked her to write a confession letter to Kris’s brother Brian and gave it to him at the Christmas party at her house. So the day of the Christmas party at Cynthia’s house Winnie met Brian and gave the letter that she did to Brian. A sudden turn happen when Brian ended up liking Winnie instead of Cynthia.

Main Cast
  • Gerald Kaye as Kris
  • Tristan Trinidad as Brian
  • Sarah Shoda as Winnie
  • Yasmin Petersen as Cynthia
Supporting Cast
  • Violeta Wallner as Zermina

I ObjectEdit

Title I Object
Airing Date October 9,2011

Oliver and Angeline are engaged and within a week their going to get married, but during their wedding a strange man from Japan named Jun who object in the wedding are humored to be the bride’s (Angeline) other man so the wedding had stopped. Who is Jun? Why did he object during the wedding? Will Oliver and Angeline be married again?

Main Cast
  • Levy Lazaro as Oliver Agustin
  • Regina Angeles as Angeline del Valle
  • Daniel Kurosaki as Jun Yamamoto
  • Mylene Fernandez as Pricilla del Valle
  • Hannah Hyland as Kaye del Valle
Supportinng Cast
  • Francesca Garcia as Isabelle
  • William Harris as Carlo

Hugs and KissesEdit

Title Hugs and Kisses
Airing Date October 16,2011

Patrick was a rich cold guy that is too serious and doesn’t really care about love until her little sister Isabelle met a rich girl named Christine and prefer her the perfect girl for her brother, but she figured it out wrong when she later met the courageous girl Olive.

Main Cast
  • Levi Anderson as Patrick
  • Eliza Torres as Isabelle
  • Karen Sterling as Olive
  • Yayoi Wallner as Christine
Supporting Cast
  • Michelle Guo as Queenie

Who SaysEdit

Title Who Says?
Airing Date October 23,2012
Main Cast
  • Yuson Javier as Warren
  • Sharlene Fernandez as Eunice
  • Jody Cruz as Hannah
  • Charisa dela Paz as Emily
  • Olivia Simons as Queenie
Supporting Cast
  • Sonny Isidro as Uno
  • Alyson Peralta as Cynthia
Guest Cast
  • Emily Soriano as Young Eunice
  • Bridgette Etzel as Young Hannah
  • Candy Wilson as Young Emily

LOL (Laugh Out Love)Edit

Title LOL (Laugh Out Love)
Airing Date October 30,2011
Main Cast
  • Luke Ainsworth as Lucas
  • Raja Lee as Airah
  • Lydia Carlton as Judy
  • Christian Kim as Paolo

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