Love in the Corner

Airing Date

May 7,2012-July 20,2012

Total Episode





Drama, Comedy, Romance

Opening Theme

Love in the Corner by Hannah Kim

Ending Theme

Kiss by Levy Lazaro

Followed by

Management (TV series)

The story started when a princess named Leah (Hannah Kim) and Nico (Levy Lazaro) a cook met in a corner where they first met and dislikes each other very much. In a twist of fate they will meet again when Leah is given a task by her parents to show to Samuel's parents that she knows how to cook, Leah in trouble and ask Nico a favor to teach her how to cook for the birthday party of Samuel's mother Ramona (Queenie Zamora) and in that time they started to be friends.


  • Levy Lazaro as Nico Cabrera
  • Hannah Kim as Leah San Miguel
  • Nick Servantes as Samuel “Sam” Munoz

Supporting Cast

  • Tanya Valdez as Lisa Estocapio
  • Kristopher Escudero as Freddie Lopez
  • Alfredo San Jose as Dante Flores
  • Geneva Eliscupedes as Amanda Flores
  • Harold Dominguez as Edward San Miguel
  • Sylvia Santiago as Miranda San Miguel
  • Hiro Kodaka as Henry Munoz
  • Queenie Zamora as Ramona Munoz
  • Enrico Solomon as Benjie
  • Carlos dela Vega as Oscar Cabrera

Guest Cast

  • Samantha Hernandez as Helen Cabrera
  • Daniel Olinares as Young Nico
  • Leslie Fernandez as Young Leah
  • Erick Monticello as Young Samuel

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