My Heart Presents Lost of Fate

Airing Date

March 12,2012-May 4,2012

Total Episodes





Comedy, Romance

Opening Song

Fate by Samara Alatamira

Ending Song

Lucky by Josephine Sosa

Directed by

Jessica Ruiz

Preceded by

My Heart Presents Twinkle Twinkle, Little Hearts!

Tristan Gomez (Levy Lazaro) is a popular boy but unlucky with love.He his very happy at first but when her girlfriend Tonya (Jane Li) had breaken up with him due to family problems he had loosen his hope about finding the right girl for her which he knows that Tonya is the only girl he loves until he met a happy-go-luck girl named Abbey (Rachel Vo) who tried to help him get through his problems later on Abbey introduce Tristan to Zoey (Yuna Isidro) Abbey's best friend since in elementary.Tristan had once again lighten up and got out with Zoey.But Abbey was getting jealous of Tristan and Zoey going out together.


  • Levy Lazaro as Tristan Gomez
  • Rachel Vo as Abbey Diaz
  • Yuna Isidro as Zoey Madrigal
  • Ynigo Hernandez as Wade Garcia
  • Jane Li as Tonya Sosa

Supporting Cast

  • Carlos dela Vega as Elemer Gomez
  • Fernando Valdez as Amias Diaz
  • Isabelle Lorenzo as Adamina "Amina" Diaz
  • Diana Torres as Beatrice "Bea" Diaz
  • Henry Monteverde as Adan Madrigal
  • Abigail Velasquez as Candelaria "Cady" Madrigal
  • Kristopher Escudero as Fabricio Garcia
  • Manuel Maraisog as Fermin Sosa
  • Yolanda Montenegro as Judith Sosa
  • Ynigo Hernandez as Mario
  • Olivia Simons as Paula
  • Kris Chanders as Joseph
  • Jessica Madrigal as Rose

Guest Cast

  • Chase Sanders as Young Tristan
  • Bethany Sanchez as Young Abbey
  • Tricia Hyland as Young Zoey
  • Xavier Montero as Young Wade
  • Hannah Hyland as Young Tonya

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